“I just wanted to say thank you endlessly again for everything you have done for me, opening my eyes and showing me how important it is to fuel and look after your body properly, teaching me how to fall in love with food again and finding my own passion as well.

You have showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that life is worth fighting for.”

~ Jorja, Australia

“What is unique about Nina are her own experiences combined with professional expertise and compassion. She has the talent to give simple and direct answers on every question. She makes it easy to trust her and she is really patient. Nina is the first who’s recommendations I listened to in a long time. After a few weeks, with a few changes, I can already happily announce that I regained to my normal weight and my full energy for running (after almost two years of having no power for it at all), over one hour cycling and long hikes. I am grateful for finding her! THANK YOU NINA! I trust that more improvement will follow :)”

~ Samantha, Germany

“I am about to finish one week of the meal plan but I am feeling not just great, but amazingly good. I always hesitate at the beginning of any change!! But when you let go AND start trusting on the help you asked for, everything turns out to be magic. I hope I can learn much more things from now on. So trust this girl because she is someone, one of a kind!!”

~ Eily, Mexico

Photo by Rae Marie Photography

Photo by Rae Marie Photography